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The bedroom really is one area of your home or resort that should not be neglected when it comes to cleaning. The average person spends around 6-10 hours of the day getting up close and personal with their mattress. Using mattress protectors can help to defend against ‘some’ particulates and bodily fluids like sweat, skin etc. but not all and certainly not against dust mites.

Trust Power Steam Australia to professionally clean your mattresses and safeguard the health of your family or guests. We are a certified-company and our technicians are committed to offering reliable and efficient mattress cleaning services. We are dedicated to ensuring the best results for your business and home.

We understand that strangers coming into your home can feel like an invasion of privacy, our technicians are dedicated to completing each project with the utmost degree of professionalism, respect and efficiency. Your time and business is important to us.

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Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising

Even though we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, they are probably the dirtiest part of the home. Dust mites go unseen but mattresses are the perfect breeding ground as they are dark and warm. Mites in your mattress can feed for up to 170 days on the skin you shed. The average human sheds around 3.6 kg’s of dead skin a year and the typical used mattress can have between 100 000 and 10 million mites inside. It is believed that over 50% of homes are infested with mites, which can lead to skin allergies and respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Using mattresses protectors do help to protect against “some” of the particulates, but not all. Our professional technicians will remove dust mites, pollen, spores, and bacteria from your mattress. If you give us a call for any of our other services, it will probably be a good idea to request that your mattresses get sanitised and cleaned at the same time.

Mattress Stain Removal

Our professional stain removal services include the removal of urine stains, sweat stains and blood stains. A mattress can be very difficult to clean on your own and although mattress protectors are helpful, they are not the solution. It is recommended that you have your mattresses cleaned professionally every 6 months to ensure that your home, hotel or resort stays hygienic and your family or guests stay healthy. We do a deep clean of your mattress to ensure you have a peaceful night’s sleep in a hygienic environment.

Professional Mattress Cleaning for Commercial and Residential Properties

Our reliable technicians clean and sanitise mattresses all along the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area. We service all commercial properties and homes.

Business and Residential Properties We Service:

  • Homes
  • Apartment blocks
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Schools / childcare centers
  • Medical centers

Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Power Steam Australia cleans mattresses in hotels, guest houses and resorts. We’ll supply you with a detailed maintenance plan which we update every month and deliver to you. This ensures that you stay up to date with exactly what has been cleaned and when. Our maintenance plans give you peace of mind that your guests and staff experience only the best from your business.

Working with various cleaning companies can be a pain, that’s why Power Steam Australia offers it all; carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and polishing, stone cleaning, leather and upholstery cleaning and mould removal. Our technicians will always strive to work harder than any other company.

Residential Mattress Cleaning

Although your home’s mattresses might look clean, they might be infested with allergens like dust mites, mould, pollen, mildew, spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our professional residential mattress cleaning services will ensure that your mattresses are left clean leading to a more hygienic home for your family and pets.

Our professional team remove stains such as urine, blood and sweat stains. We understand that having strangers in your home can feel like an invasion of privacy, therefore our team make every effort to be as discreet and efficient as possible.

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Why Use Power Steam Australia as your Mattress Cleaners?

We are committed to providing our clientele with only the best cleaning and restoration services on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area. We pride ourselves in being discreet, professional and hard working. Your business is important to us and we will always strive to offer you the most competitive price and ensure you receive the best value for money. Because we are a family-owned business we truly value the relationships we build with our customers over the years.

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Our Mattress Cleaning Process:

Our professional mattress cleaning process leads to your mattress not only looking clean, but our deep cleaning process will remove unseen dust mites, pollen, spores, and bacteria.

Pre-inspection of Mattress

Our skilled team will do a thorough inspection of your mattress identifying the fabric and exactly how dirty it is. We do this so we can choose the best cleaning method and product to ensure that your mattress remains cleaner for longer.

Pre-spray of mattress

The correct pre-spray is determined after inspecting the mattress.


Steam cleaning of mattress

Our powerful steam cleaning and dry cleaning machinery will extract the moisture and dirt from your mattress.

Sanitising of mattress

This process will help get rid of any bad odours left in your mattress. The process helps your mattress smelling as good as new so you can rest peacefully.

Add-on services and save

Don’t just think of your mattress,  ask us about our add-on services and save. By cleaning many areas of your home or business at the same time, we’ll save you time and money. Apart from mattress cleaning, we offer a variety of cleaning and restoration services like carpet cleaning, stone cleaning and sealing and mould removal for homes and businesses on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Ask us about our add-on services when you book your mattress cleaning and we’ll find the best deal for your home or business.





Stone and Marble Polishing

Stone Sealing

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Cleaning

Q: Can’t I just clean my own mattress?

A: The stiff bristles in a household vacuum cleaner can damage the fabric of your mattress. Commercial vacuums also do not have the same power to extract resilient debris or remove dust mites and other allergens. Our professional cleaning method also includes the use of an anti-allergen solution to dissolve stains, oils and grease. We sanitise your mattress to remove any bad odours.

Q: How often should I clean my mattress?

A: It is recommended that you professionally clean your mattress every 6 months or until the disinfectant stops working. Dust mites go unseen but mattresses are the perfect breeding ground as they are dark and warm. Mites also feed off the skin that we shed. To keep these pesky critters and other bacteria, viruses and fungi away, you need to ensure that your mattress is cleaned regularly.

Q: I have just bought a new mattress but it has a strange odour, why?

A: This is most likely because of the wrapping and the time the mattress has spent in storage. The odour will probably subside after a few weeks.

Q: I think there is mould on my mattress, how did it get there and can it be cleaned?

A: Body moisture, damp conditions or not enough ventilation can cause black mould. Black mould means high levels of mould and fungal spores and can be dangerous to your health. We would have to do an inspection of the mattress and if found to be mould we would recommend you replace your mattress altogether.

Q: Is a mattress protector enough to keep my mattress clean?

A: Using mattress protectors can help to defend against ‘some’ particulates and bodily fluids like sweat, skin etc. but not all. We highly recommend you professionally clean your mattress, especially to protect your family, staff or guests against dust mites.

Q: How much does it cost to clean mattresses?

A: It all depends on the type of fabric. We offer a free assessment of your mattresses and we never quote for anything you don’t need. Guaranteed!

Power Steam Australia Provides Mattress Cleaning Services in and around these Suburbs on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area

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