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Water Removal and Flood Damage Repair Specialists on the Gold Coast and Surrounds

24 hour Water Removal Emergency Service – Call 1300 774 253

If your property has been affected by flood damage our professional team will remove unwanted water from your property and repair affected areas, materials and surfaces. Power Steam Australia’s team of technicians will use only the best equipment to extract water from your property. We treat carpets, wood, rugs, couches and more.

Water and flood damage to your home, apartment, resort or business can cause irreparable damage if not removed or treated as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse the damage is. Power Steam Australia offers a 24 hour water removal emergency service. Call us day or night and our team will restore your property to the best condition possible. We simply won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

There are many competing cleaning companies along the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area and that’s why we strive to work harder than anybody else. We value your business and our relationship with our customers is the most important aspect of our job. Having strangers in your home can feel like an invasion, especially after flooding, that’s why our technicians always conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

24hr Water Removal Emergency Service

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Business and Residential Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration Services Include:

Standing water can lead to mould growth and the chance of this is increased if there has been a power outage. Mould and mildew thrive in a dark, warm environment. Call us as soon as you spot water caused by flooding and our response team will send out technicians immediately.

Our services include: 

  • Loss assessment and evaluation of affected materials.
  • Ensuring the area is safe and removing any hazardous materials.
  • Extract unwanted water from all surfaces, carpets and furniture.
  • If needed we will remove underlay to assess damage.
  • We install air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems and sub-floor drying equipment to work its magic.
  • Relay carpets.
  • Steam clean, deoderise and sanitise affected areas.
  • Repair damaged carpets, furniture and upholstery.
  • If we are unable to restore your carpet because contamination is too severe, Power Steam Australia can install a new carpet for you.

Water Removal on the Gold Coast: Water mains burst in ceiling and flood apartment.

Professional Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration for Commercial and Residential Properties

We will restore flood damage and affectively remove all unwanted water. We service all commercial properties and homes. Carpets that have been damaged by water should be covered by your insurance policy under your Home Content. Simply supply the insurance company with a claim number and forward all charges to them. You should then only have to be responsible for paying the excess.

Commercial water removal and flood damage restoration services.

We remove water and restore flood damage in hotels, resorts and businesses. Post emergency water removal and flood damage repair at your business, Power Steam Australia can advise on a detailed maintenance plan which we will update for you monthly. The maintenance plan outlines exactly what we have cleaned and when. This gives you peace of mind that your guests and staff experience only the best from your business.

When using Power Steam Australia, you can always be confident in knowing that our technicians and staff will offer you the most professional cleaning service. We work harder than anyone else. Our highly-skilled technicians are some of the best around and we offer it all, including; carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, stone cleaning and polishing, and mould removal.

Residential water removal and flood damage restoration services.

The sooner you call us to remove water in your home, the sooner we can start preventing secondary damages such as water migration. Standing water can also become unsanitary and cause health risks to your family. Power Steam Australia offers a 24 Hour Emergency Water Removal Service which means we are available day and night, weekends and even on holidays to assist. Flooding can be traumatic and our professional technicians will work as efficiently and effectively as possible to help repair the damaged caused and get you back home.

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Recent Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration Services on the Gold Coast

Water Removal on the Gold Coast: Washing machine leak into lounge room

Water Removal on the Gold Coast: Underground car park flood

Water Removal on the Gold Coast: Water damage from above floor in building fire sprinkler system

Equipped to Cover all Water Removal of all 3 Flood Categories

Standing water or black water is a significant health risk to your family and guests. Water can contain mould, bacteria and fungi and the longer the water remains in your home or business, the more dangerous it becomes.

Power Steam Australia offers a 24 Hour Emergency Water Removal Service which means we are available day and night, weekends and even on holidays to assist. Power Steam Austaralia is fully equipped to remove all 3 flood water categories.

Category 1 water or clean water:

This is generally also known as ‘clean water’ and should not pose a threat to humans. Clean water flooding is usually caused by sink overflows, faulty appliances, or broken water supply lines.

Category 2 water or grey water:

Exposure to this water can lead to discomfort or sickness due to chemicals and biological or physical contaminants. Grey water flooding is usually due to discharge from dishwashers or washing machines. If left untreated this water can quickly escalate to category 3.

Category 3 water or black water:

Black water is extremely dangerous and is filled with harmful bacteria and fungi. The source of this water is sewages, seawater, water from streams or rivers, standing water or ground surface water. If this water is not removed immediately it can cause serious illness or even death if ingested. Contact with this water should be avoided at all costs. Black water is also found in toilet back flows that originate beyond the toilet trap.

Our Water Removal Process:

Power Steam Australia can typically respond to emergency water damage within 45 minutes and our specialised team of water removal and flood damage restoration specialists are available day and night. It’s very important to use professionals when it comes to flood damage restoration as there may be water which you can not spot. Water left standing can contain mould, harmful bacteria, mildew and fungi and can be incredibly harmful to your family, guests, staff or pets. Please contact a professional team as soon as you notice any flood damage to ensure that the water doesn’t spread to other areas.

1. Damage Assessment and Control

  • As soon as our team arrives at your property, we will assess the damage. Power Steam Australia will also control and limit any further damage to mitigate your losses and your insurer’s losses.
  • We will also provide you with a cost estimate of the restoration work required. We will never quote for work that you don’t need done.
  • We will also be able to give you an estimate of the time required, ensuring that you can make alternative arrangements for your family and/or your employees.

2. Water Eradication

  • Once we’ve assessed the site and restricted or mitigated any ongoing damage, we will remove all excess water by extraction.
  • If needed we’ll remove any damaged items and any items at risk of being damaged.

3. Restoration

  • Following the removal of all the ‘excess’ water and the removal of all items that may be at risk of being damaged, the restoration process can begin.
  • We will monitor and remove all excess moisture from your property using specialised drying equipment such as a grade wet/dry vacuum.

Add-on services and save

Power Steam Australia can clean, repair and restore many areas of your home or business at the same time, saving you money and a lot of hassle. Apart from stone cleaning, we offer a variety of cleaning and restoration services like carpet cleaning and mould removal. Our team offers some of the best carpet relaying services in the Gold Coast and surrounds. Contact us to find out about other cleaning and restoration services you might need and we can help to find the best deal for you.

Leather and Upholstery Cleaning

Stone and Marble Cleaning and Sealing

Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal


Our customers are happy

There are many cleaning companies to choose from on the Gold Coast, that’s why we truly aim to work harder than anyone else. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we value your feedback.

To start off, Lloyd and his men are amazing! Caring, respectful, helpful, understanding and ready to get the job done!

We had our house flooded due to a bursted flexi hose and our insurance company sent Lloyd and his men out for restorations, and both my husband and I can not be more thankful! The service was and has been perfect and above and beyond.

Lloyd has been available when ever I needed to ask questions and to help with any issues that arose and continue to arise with our insurance process.
I couldn’t recommend Power Steam, the service and the results enough.
We are very thankful for the service we have and continue to receive, and we will continue to always recommend Lloyd and his team and their services! Thanks Guys!

Danni Lee

26 February 2020 via Facebook Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration

Have any questions about water removal or flood damage restoration or you’d just like a free assessment? Call us now and our friendly staff will happily assist. Call 1300 774 253.

Q: How long will my carpets take to dry?

A: Carpet restoration and drying usually takes between 24 to 48 hours.

Q: How long will it take to restore and dry structural damage?

A: This really depends on severity of the damage or the extent that the water has seeped into the structure. Our team will assess the area and will give you an estimate of how long the process will take so that you or your business can make the necessary arrangements.

Q: How long can my carpet remain wet before I call in the professionals?

A: Generally speaking 3 days, but depending on the claimant the sooner you call the more chance you have of restoring your carpet to its previous condition. Standing water also poses a real risk to the health of your family, guests, staff or pets.

Q: Will my insurance cover water damage to my carpets?

A: Generally water damaged carpets are covered by insurance policies under Home Contents

Q: What should I do once water has flooded into my home?

A: Turn off your circuit breakers immediately and unplug all electrical devices in and around the affected area. Put aluminum foil between the legs of your furniture and any wet carpeting. Hang up curtains or draperies to prevent water or dye marks. Contact a team of licensed professionals immediately – it saves time and money and is crucial when dealing with flooding and water damage.

Power Steam Australia Provides 24/7 Emergency Water Removal in These Suburbs on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads Area

Gold Coast

Broadbeach Waters
Burleigh Heads
Burleigh Waters
Clear Island Waters
Currumbin Waters
Gold Coast City

Gold Coast Cont…

Isle of Capri
Main Beach
Mermaid Beach
Mermaid Waters
Palm Beach
Reedy Creek
Surfers Paradise
Varsity Lakes

Tweed Heads

Bilambil Heights
Banora  Point
Fingal Head
Tweed Heads South
Tweed Heads West

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If you’re on the Gold Coast or Tweed Heads area, our dedicated team of professionals are waiting to restore flood damage to your home, resort or business. Whether it’s partial damage to a bedroom or a whole commercial building – we do it all. If you have any questions regarding our water removal and restoration process, please don’t hesitate to call us. We take genuine pride in what we do and want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

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Power Steam Australia is fully certified with the IICRC. You can trust that your property is in the best hands.